Sitemap - 2021 - Lukasz Olejnik on Cyber, Privacy and Tech Policy Critique

TechLetters #58 Pegasus use in wild, is it about domestic politics? The alluring vision of approaching cyberwarfare approaching. Log4j still. Can you sue a bitcoin wallet?

TechLetters #57 - Log4j still. UK Cyber Strategy. Surveillance firms targeting internet users. Colonial pipeline hack led to price spikes. GDPR: Grindr fined, Clearviev ordered to stop.

TechLetters #55 - cyber insurers don't want to help in cyber war? log4j havoc; cyber operations vs ransomware; hacked cheese; nuclear weapons and AI for targeting.

#TechLetters #56 - on global cyberwarfare escalation risk. List of offensive cyber tools suppliers. Belarusian information operation. Bypassing air-gaps. Climate-responsibile army procurement

TechLetters #54 - Extracting keys from hardware; protesting DPA pace of enforcing GDPR; NSO sued, bans some customers; ban on targeted political ads?

TechLetters #53 - software and security is fragile, Cyber operations against Central-Eastern European politics by Belarus, should targeted ads be banned?

TechLetters #52 - cybercriminal regrets, military cyber, misinformation, FB micro targeting

TechLetters #51: Cyberattacks disrupting healthcare. Tricking code reviewers. Active cyber defence? China’s new data protection law

TechLetters #52 - Covid19 vaccine certificate forgeries, the EU wants to counter Russian proposals for a cybersecurity convention, Russia against information operations, espionage in the cloud

TechLetters #50. French military doctrine of information operations? Cyber-mercenaries. Google's privacy success. Quantum communication (cryptographic?) network in Hefei.

TechLetters #49 - The moral values of technology design - politics already impact on technology. Facebook micro targeting. Large-scale cyberattacks on financial infrastructure inevitable.

TechLetters #48 - State hacking. Apple's app deletion GDPR policy. Decompiling to fix software is legal in Europe. 2G fades away.

TechLetters #47 - UK to launch cyberattacks; Cyber top of the risks; anti-competition targets Google Privacy Sandbox; Google's Privacy Budget likely destroyed, too; China to regulate algorithms

TechLetters #46 - Europe accuses Russia of cyberattacks. Russia demands information on alleged cyberattacks from USA. Chinese disinformation strategy. ICRC wants to mark systems with a Red Cross.

TechLetters #45 - REvil returns. Cyberattack crippling business. Cyberpolitics the usual (disrupting elections). Wireless charging information leaks. Autonomous rifle

TechLetters #44 - China blockade of k-pop from their cyberspace; Recovering sound from LED activity; UK to reform/weaken(?) their data protection rules; OWASP Top10

TechLetters #43 - NSA on quantum risk; NSA backdoors; Australian hacking bill; WhatsApp with a fine GDPR fine; not considered security risks of banking apps; can AI be an inventor?

TechLetters #42 - cyberattacks as a useful excuse; systematic hacking of Belarus government and security facilities; UK to revamp their local GDPR (weaken?); AI weapons to decide who lives or dies?

TechLetters #41 - hacked telecoms, bad breach notification, China's new data protection law, collisions in Apple's neural hash

TechLetters #40 - Designing for privacy is hard, privacy PR is a challenge - some companies would perhaps benefit from some advice; Automotive cybersecurity consortium; yes crypt; Quantum errors

TechLetters #39 - Apple's Private Set Intersection & photo-scanning of user images; post-quantum cryptography migration a challenge; ICRC on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems; 746M GDPR fine details

TechLetters #38 - Russian proposal for international cybersecurity treaty; Biden warns that cyberwar means war; China accused US of cyberattacks (huh); Privacy Sandbox leaks; Huge GDPR fine

TechLetters #37 - China accused of cyberattacks, hiding malware in AI models; Clubhouse leak(?); Privacy Sandbox; crushing bitcoin with a steamroller

TechLetters #36: 0day use on the rise; some examples in use; tracking consent; padlocks

TechLetters #35 -quantum computing, terrorist AI, Russian military cyber strategy, more ransomware, what's best response to ransomware - diplomacy, nuclear weapons, or cyberattacks?

TechLetters #34 - cybersecurity at UN, cyberattacks attributed, more ransomware, AI-assisted kinetic missiles are here

TechLetters #33 - ransom payments and tax deductions; US-EU ransomware task force; ransomware on the rise; ransomware PR; Chrome delays third-party cookie removal

TechLetters #32 - G7 on cyber, US-UK on cyber, US-EU on cyber, NATO on cyber, Biden-Putin on cyber, ICRC on cyber. And the bad state of cybersecurity.

TechLetters #31 - SVR hacks Holland, US/AU hacks cyber criminals, ransom payments, weapons systems cybersecurity; privacy, AI; quantum.

TechLetters #30 - the cost of a cyberattack; retaliation vs cybercriminals?; Europe wants to demand web browser changes; deadly autonomous loitering munitions in use

TechLetters #29 - dangerous cyber tool in use; HSE patient data is leaked; Belgium hacked; auditing AI systems is very difficult, on professional disinformation tactics applied to vaccines...

TechLetters #28 - HSE ransomware incident - and how to manage such incidents politically, Privacy Sandbox entropy decrease, Germany throws money at quantum stuff, privacy and competition, magnets

TechLetters #27 - ransomware vs pipelines, vs healthcare - with no politics inside; is ramping up cybersecurity possible?

TechLetters #26 - Privacy Sandbox in European Parliament, Chinese technological sovereignty, SVR cyberattacks, cyberattacks on pipelines, competition in hacking real people

TechLetters #25 - no-deepfake political deception, tactics, advice, cyberattacks tampering with domestic politics, Covid-19 certificates

TechLetters #24 - AI Regulation/governance project, AI adversarial attacks, supply chain compromise at Codecov, infection risk for macOS users, Fl0C 0ff?

TechLetters #23 - Deepfakes OK? Vulnerable IoTs. SolarWind hacks in Europe. Cyber sanctions, Russia twice. Hacked cheese.

TechLetters #22 - leaks, backdoors, new privacy mechanisms to come

TechLetters #21 - cyberattacks on software projects, on researchers, Real-Time Bidding sued

TechLetters #20 - breaches, leaks, privacy attacks, Privacy of Privacy Sandbox, face recognition to detect covid status

TechLetters #19

TechLetters #18 - cyberattacks on weapons systems; on parliaments; cybersecurity bugs in core internet software; unconventional risks facing cloud storage

TechLetters #17 - Cyberattacks (India vs Pakistan? China vs India?), but did not cause power outages in India. Is RSA is broken? Ad Technology wars are here!

TechLetters #16

TechLetters #15 - Should countries speak out about cyberwarfare capabilities? Hacked France, hacking NK, global digital ID

TechLetters #14 - cybersecurity vulnerabilities in weapons systems, hacking belligerents during an armed conflict, cyberattacks on water treatment facilities, hacking to fund nuclear weapons programs

TechLetters #13 - tracking people, shutting down internet

TechLetters #12 - Covid health passports hurdles; hacking EMA, sudo, or security researchers; privacy-preserving advertising systems?

TechLetters #11 - Russia preparing for cyber-retaliation? This is not a drill! Google launching its privacy-preserving ads tech proposal (just without privacy for now), tracking favicons

TechLetters #10 - on hacking vaccines process

TechLetters #9 - nukes vs access to social networks, gaining physical access at the Capitol systems, China-USA sanctions, suing TikTok, tracking with e-mail addresses...

TechLetters #8 - No 2021 predictions. Some places got hacked. Flash is out. Orwell's Privacy by Design handbook is free.