Sitemap - 2022 - Lukasz Olejnik on Cyber, Privacy and Tech Policy Critique

TechLetters #109 - Alleged cyber operations of Ukraine. SHA1 is out. Japan to build cyber capabilities in 10 years. Some CTI firms refuse to call Ukraine war 'war'? AI racial discrimination.

TechLetters Insight: new technologies of warfare - drones, and the practical realities and metrics of their employment

TechLetters #108 - GDPR will kill bad passwords? Cyberattacks on Russian public institutions. And cybersurveillance.

TechLetters #107 - Probabilistic user tracking/ad matching abused. #GDPR boosting security by design of password. Remote code execution in bluetooth and ping. Cyberattacks and missile strikes.

TechLetters #106 Risks of hacking electric vehicle charging stations at a scale. Tracking abuses of Cobalt Strike at a scale. Regulation of vulnerability research depends on... elections outcome?

TechLetters Insight. Why would anybody hack Electric Vehicle Charging Stations?

TechLetters #105 - improving comms/PR competency in cyber threat intelligence in the age of cyberwar; Google's post-quantum cryptography.

TechLetters #104 - French defence strategy skeptical about cyber deterrence. Russian military intel vs NATO country. Memory safety. Web browser security/privacy. Bigger quantum computers soon

TechLetters #103 - Ransomware hits hospitals; Google terminated U.S. information operation; Cyber operation hold-at-risk’ strategy; Is digitisation of the Red Cross emblem a risk?

TechLetters #102 - hacking biological laboratories to cause risks of deadly pathogens to escape. 22yo bug in SQLite. War hotlines. Missile strikes vs satellites to be legitimised?

TechLetters #101 - Australia to get LARGEST data protection fines in the world; Root of trust spec; Fibres cut in France again; EU to digitise its currency(?); Armed ground drones in Lithuania

TechLetters #100 - Ukraine's professional information operations/propaganda operations. Hacking via wifi. Hospitals/governments do not count the human cost of cyberattacks. My book?

TechLetters #99 - password link changing; disinformation do not function as some may think; new privacy-preserving functions to be built in internet infrastructure

TechLetters #97 - standard summary on cyberwarfare events in Ukraine, critical cryptographic vulnerabilities, are undersea telecom cables safe in 202X? Software liability to come in Europe.

TechLetters #96 GDPR can be enforced by anti-competition authorities, data leaks via glasses during videoconferencing, US army psychological operations detected, Year of Linux on desktop in Russia

TechLetters #95 - cyber resilience act, will that help?

TechLetters #94 - China condemning US cyberattacks. Albania severing diplomatic in response to Iran's cyberattacks. Technology somewhere in there fueling the conflicts.

TechLetters #93 - cyberwarfare tactics, US warns from travelling to Montenegro due to cyberattack, Privacy Architectural Change remodel how the Web works, UK preparing to work without electricity

TechLetters #92 - hacking authentication provider opens the gates to many systems; Google reducing proposed privacy standards in Privacy Sandbox? 6hrs in a stationary place to upgrade car software...

TechLetters #91 - digital signature supposedly secure vs quantum computers weaker vs non-quantum ones, curiosity - hacking with emojis, in-app (TikTok, Instagram, etc.) browsers harmful for privacy

TechLetters #90 Privacy standards/design/engineering case study finds its (almost) end). Dutch dentist chain breached. Another devastating cryptanalysis of almost-standardised encryption system

TechLetters #89 UK election cyberrisk with zero risk, Swiss bug bounty, businesses destroyed by a breach, Indirect/inferred data are #GDPR protected data

TechLetters #88 Buckets of cold water poured on post-quantum encryption - SIKE/SIDH completely broken. UN cyber experts group successfully adopt a report, it's filled with something.

TechLetters #87 UK decreases data protection; Belgium attempts to fire its data protection authority boss; Russia rejects findings of Microsoft concerning cyberwar on Ukraine, retaliates?

TechLetters #86 - electronic car opening thanks to digitisation, how to assess human rights impact of tech: simple real-world case study.

TechLetters #85 - NIST quantum-resistant cryptography. Breaches may cause bankruptcy. Apple lets users disable some features to gain more security

TechLetters #84 - Cyber vs Lithuania. Politician sacked for cyberattack on Norwegian parliament. Starlink as critical infrastructure. Geneva filled with spies?

TechLetters #83 - Who fears Russian cyberattacks. Instagram face recognition. Considerations for deployment of differential privacy

TechLetters #82 - industrial ransomware, processor frequency data leak, disinformation hits Swedish govt, Covid19 apps used for movement control of populations, Russia looses processors, beaver attack

TechLetters #81 - civilians, combatants, smartphones; Russia says that cyberattacks may lead to a direct military confrontation; airstrikes in response to cyber defence? tracking Bluetooth devices

TechLetters #80 - US offensive cyber operations in Ukraine war. MFA enforced for popular NPM packages. Vodafone tracking tech. Russia being hacked by whole world. Hostile extraterrestrial civilisation

TechLetters #79 - Ukraine's government takes responsibility for cyberattacks. Russian cybersecurity decree. Russian-created site leaks UK political data. ClearView GDPR fine Gödel prize for FHE.

TechLetters #78 - cyber tools market reality, executives fear death from cyberattacks, security research in good faith is fine, information operations on Ukraine, GDPR fines guide

TechLetters #77 - Satellite cyberwarfare attributed to Russia, hacked TV in Russia, UK National Security Bill, GDPR costs? Privacy principles, algae-powered computers

TechLetters #76 - Joining Ukraine's IT Army illegal? Post-quantum encryption weakness. Towards a passwordless world.

TechLetters #75 - Ukraine cyberwarfare in 2022 has roots in 2021. Russian cyber operations, Chinese cyber operations. Worms and ransomware for industrial control systems. US cyber weapons?

TechLetters #74 - bluetooth car hacking, cyberattacks on agricultural sector, GDPR fine for covid-19 temperature measurements.

TechLetters #73 - cyberwarfare operations aiming at Ukraine's power grid. Dangerous (lethal?) cyber tool. Leaking some information during war is helping aggressors.

TechLetters #72: Cyberwarfare and information warfare in context of Ukraine war. US disrupting GRU cyber ops. Cybersecurity of ABRAMS tanks. "Practical" methods of fingerprinting internet users.

TechLetters #71 - Cyber operations vs humanitarian organisations. Cyberwarfare on Ukraine (vs SATCOM, weapons systems). Russia wants to hold liable people making cyberattacks. Spring vulnerability

TechLetters #70 - Cyberwarfare on Ukraine war, hacked in Russia, 'cyber weapons' producers/users indicted, non-insurance to cyberwar, cookie problems, EU-US data flows, secure PINs

TechLetters #69 - Cyber and information warfare in war in Ukraine. Web browser 0days on the rise. Fake fact-checkers. Facebook GDPR fine, AI-created chemical weapons?

TechLetters #68 Ukraine cyberwarfare. Destructive cyberattacks vs satellite communication. Face recognition tech used in war. Flying drones and Facebook/Instagram war Terms of Service changes

TechLetters #67 - Cyberwarfare in context of Ukraine. No-fly zones mean war. Letter to EU Parliament to protect web security/privacy.

TechLetters #66 - cyberwarfare on Ukraine, offensive retaliation vs ransomware group, quantum risk, and NASA warning.

TechLetters #65 - Armed conflict cyber, Privacy Sandbox for Android, maybe. Breach of humanitarian data. Smartphone users usage is unique and can be used to track them

TechLetters #64 - Cyber risk due to Russia-Ukraine conflict. Are cyber sanctions effective? Planting fake evidence with spyware. Fixing ambient light data leaks.

TechLetters #63 - EU eID, Cyberattacks on ICRC condemned, Russia-China agreement over internet management, GDPR heat

TechLetters #62 - the practical-medical consequences of a cyberattack on a hospital. Hacked: Finland, Canada. How much money does it take to convince an employees to hack his company?

TechLetters #63 - Cyberattacks in Central-Eastern-Europe: what exactly is going on here? Breach of Red Cross 500k sensitive-people data. #DigitalServicesAct adopted with privacy provisions.

TechLetters #61 - Google's Differential Privacy not so private. Apple's Safari leaking visited sites. Telecoms against Private Relay. Cyberattacks on Ukraine: info ops & destructive(?)

TechLetters #60 French data protection fines for Google/Facebook, GDPR breach notification howto, Private Relay, intentionally sabotaging own software causes issues to others, centralised web3

TechLetters #59 - Compromising printed media publishers leads to no printed press. Integer/date overflow fun in 2022. Space manoeuvres. The strategic problem of food hoarding.