Sitemap - 2023 - Lukasz Olejnik on Cyber, Privacy and Tech Policy Critique

TechLetters #155 - Stopping civilian hacking during wars? Extracting thoughts from the brain with help of AI. Targeting ads based on ambient speech and microphone always-on. Moore's law and geopolitic

TechLetters #154 Ransomware on hospitals expected to increase mortality. Cyberattack leaves people without water. Reverse engineering train software. AI act, pay-or-ads "consent". Quantum computers!

TechLetters #153 Extracting raw private data from LLM models. AI in military targeting. France banning Signal for politicians due to domestic considerations. Alibaba scrapping quantum computing ideas.

My life story

TechLetters #152 Breaking RSA keys. Ransomware operators use regulations to demand ransom.

TechLetters #151 Stars of David painted on walls a likely information operation. Removal of third-party cookies in Chrome imminent. GenerativeAI political ads ban. LLM in a web browser

TechLetters #150 AI Security, Privacy, Policy. More privacy in Biden's EO.

TechLetters #149 Israel crisis/conflict cyber-activity. Stealthy cyber espionage tool of unknown origin uses fingerprinting. IT risk companies and their employees due to engagement during wars

TechLetters #148 Cyberwarfare; ICRC recommendation for private companies to stay away from wars; how to spot as fake remote worker; measuring quantum computing progress to loose investor funding

TechLetters #147 - No cyber operations in Israeli crisis so far. Imaging divisions a frequent victim of ransomware at hospitals. AI energy footprint. Software issue and gas cut.

TechLetters #146 - ICRC hacktivist rules and wut-compliance; major Linux vulnerability; deepfakes in Slovakia elections; Network traffic privacy improvement with Encrypted Client Hello

TechLetters #144 Europe to save the world from AI Extinction? US voluntary AI security commitments. Effects of cyber operations are nuanced. WebP bugs. Antimateria falling down.

My book is out!

TechLetters #143 Security researchers targeted. Disinformation/propaganda is OK under international law, „but” be careful not to become a war criminal. Privacy Sandbox ON?

TechLetters #141 - Philosophy of Cybersecurity. OpenAI GDPR complaint.

My cybersecurity book - Philosophy of Cybersecurity

TechLetters #141 DON'T CALL IT A CYBERATTACK: radio electronic disruption of Poland railways. Post-quantum standards. Data scrapping not OK.

TechLetters #140 Hospitals down after a cyberattack. New progress in extracting thoughts directly from the brain. Shor's algorithm improvement?

TechLetters #139 Supply-chain issue of malicious software packages on the rise. CPU bugs leak data. Privacy-preserving database.

TechLetters #138 Enhancing existing products with AI/LLM as a business strategy. Senegal cut off TikTok access. Smartphone minor mode to promote socialist core values

TechLetters #137 - AMD, TETRA bugs. USB stick of DOOM strikes again. China's cyberoperations. Another confirmation: filter bubbles/echo chambers DO NOT EXIST. LK99?

TechLetters #136 Reviewing for security and privacy. ChatGPT for cybercrime. Privacy Sandbox, AI, sending e-mails a problem in 2023.

TechLetters #135 - Cyberwarfare in Ukraine. "Diplomat car advert" cyber tactic strikes again. Russia wants to prohibit cyber-attribution. Neural privacy not in scope of #GDPR. Aspartame carcinogenic.

TechLetters #134 cyberattack on WATER TREATMENT. GDPR reform. Competition authorities enforcement GDPR. France considers social network shutdown during unrest. Avast collects/sells customer data, and?

TechLetters #133 Digital Euro data protection woes. Apple confirms a surveillance operation disclosure by Kaspersky. Is a digital Red Cross emblem a good idea? Google to train AI on all public data

TechLetters #132 GDPR fine for Criteo. Artificial Intelligence Act lobbying. In-game malware. processors leaking private data.

TechLetters #131 Self-breaching systems via AI code generation. US fears China cyberattacks. Alleged breakthrough in: quantum computing. Breakthrough in: GNU/Hurd.

TechLetters #130 - Space stability. Hacked TV channels in Russia display deepfake-Putin. North Korea-linked IT workers introduce security bugs in products. Apple privacy feature news.

TechLetters #129 Russians training defence from cyberattacks on industrial systems. Russian Kaspersky employees iPhone's hacked. Quantum computing recommendations, AI-drone U.S. Air Force drama.

TechLetters #128 - breaking 256b encrypted communication systems. Facebook got a GDPR fine. Cookie lifetime limit.

TechLetters #127 - Russian citizen sentenced for participation in IT Army of Ukraine. Google to identify A used in election disinformation. China bans US-made chips (Micron). Cookies out in 2024.

TechLetters #126 - Banning multi-sim devices. Russian stealthy espionage combine harvester analysed and made public. Putting AI-generated labels on AI-generated content.

TechLetters #125 - My book, Philosophy of Cybersecurity. Data center under water. MS EDGE leaking data. AI. Phishing parrot risk increases.

TechLetters #124 - Generative-AI for ads approaching. Dwell time goes down.

TechLetters #123 - US debating how China's cyberwar could look like. Russia blames Pentagon for cyberattacks. Russian campaign found in wild. TikTok impacts on mental abilities.

TechLetters #122 - UK Cyber Force. Spyware prescriptions in Europe. NONE risk of cyber terrorism. Progress in Private Information Retrieval.

TechLetters Insights: information security in the new Russian doctrine

TechLetters #121 - Cyberwar in Ukraine. 0day exploits to smartphones via apps. AI-automation coming to address cybersecurity industry. Cookie blocking standardisation. VULKAN cyberwar services.

TechLetters #120 - ChatGPT data breach. Windows hacking via ICMP. GitHub RSA keys leak. Propagand claimaing that industrial systems are hacked (not). Correcting misinformation is difficult.

TechLetters #119 - cyberattacks on agriculture systems; all military commissariats hacked during Ukraine cyberwar; TikTok bans; Privacy Sandbox ad anonymity infrastructure; GPT4 risk assessment

TechLetters #118 - TikTok bans are spreading; lawful cyberattacks; vendor disabling printers; new UK data protection law; prohibiting software with bugs, in Europe

TechLetters #117 US cyber strategy and software liability; LastPass breach details; Privacy leaks in synthetic data; Cyberwarfare in Ukraine; Considerations for a TikTok ban

TechLetters #116 - cyberwar in Ukraine; TikTok gets a hit in Europe; 2-year-old backdoor activated in cyberwar in Ukraine; #GDPR reform imminent; Privacy Sandbox field-tested; geopolitical censorship

TechLetters #117 Cyberwar in Ukraine; SAS down; Responsible Military Use of Artificial Intelligence; extracting private data out of AI/GPT-like systems; western 'hacking group' hacking China

TechLetters #115 - US/UK sanctions to ransomware operator people. Cyberarmy vs missile systems? Russia to not hold liable people who hack in the interest of the State? Disinformation, digital pound

TechLetters #114 - GitHub change reveals fragility of tech ecosystem; interference in domestic affairs via cyber/info; banning targeted political ads

TechLetters Insights - US DoD approach to fielding autonomous weapons systems, how to make sure that AI in the battlefield is stable?

TechLetters #113 - Cyber-enabled information operations. Non-event cyberattacks for sending tanks. 10-year-old bug in Apple iOS fixed. Quantum hype. Ransomware group down. #GDPR fines.

TechLetters Insights - Ukraine report highlighting the links between kinetic warfare and cyberattacks - is a new definition of aggression needed

TechLetters #112 Cyberattack as the scene-setter/prelude to war in Ukraine. Cyberattacks as war crimes (not), Cyber United Nations (nope). Is storing logs for security purposes illegal? Quantum hype

TechLetters Cyber Insights: Cyberoperation as a prelude to Ukraine 2022+ war, a year after

TechLetters #111 - 4-level scale to speak of cyberattack impact. Yet another quantum factoring algorithm claim. USB malware spread. GDPR fines for Apple and Meta. DPAs take each others to theEU Court?

TechLetters Insights - Cyber Escalation Ladder model based on international law

TechLetters #110 US offensive cyberoperations in context of mid-term elections. PyTorch infected with malware. LastPass password manager breach #GDPR fine for Microsoft