Sitemap - 2024 - Lukasz Olejnik on Cyber, Privacy and Tech Policy Critique

TechLetters #174 Twitter's winds 'free speech' case with Australia regulator, AI-scam detector listening to conversations.

TechLetters #173 First event of diplomatic consequences due to a cyberattack. Deepfakes targeting investors, impersonating stock exchange chief. Governance of Privacy Sandbox. Tagging AI creations.

TechLetters #172 EU/NATO/Germany condemns Russian cyberattacks, inwardly. Deception operations against open source software. Breaking of post-quantum ciphers postponed.

TechLetters #171 Cyberwarfare against Ukraine, hypothesised against Iran, and propagandised against France and Poland. AI-enhanced propaganda. Quantum encryption and quantum storage.

TechLetters Insights. PROPAGANDA. My book on information security, disinformation, propaganda.

TechLetters #173 Weakened post-quantum LWE crypto. AI risk assessment goes out of the window.

TechLetters #170 XZ. Civilian involvement in Ukraine war. $7 million for iPhone zero-day. Breakthrough in quantum computers. AI-recommender for targets of military strikes

TechLetters #169 XZ looks_like-espionage operation to backdoor software and OS. EU rules to defend elections from disinformation (regulating influencers?). US/UK accuse China of cyberattacks

TechLetters Insights. European Union guideline on fighting election interference.

TechLetters #168 Major breakthrough in quantum computer design. Treaty prohibiting some uses of autonomous weapons systems (AI drones, etc). Passkeys/Webauthn vs Competition. Hotel keys broken.

TechLetters #167 Attacking satellites. Systems of weapons. Revolution in Military Affairs.

TechLetters #166 ICRC calls for new rules of cyberwarfare protecting civilians and objects. Political influence by digital platforms. DMA.

TechLetters #165 Policy intervention to phase out memory unsafe languages. Progressive Web Apps and Apple.

TechLetters #164 Antivirus vendor fined for selling user data; New measures of online political influence, or misinformation; Post-quantum crypto in Apple iMessage; Spyware at European Parliament.

TechLetters #163 Romania hospitals paralysed with ransomware. Offensive cyber with generative AI. Quantum Shor factorisation is 4x easier. Encryption is legal, says European Court of Human Rights.

TechLetters #162 Tampering with medical diagnostic results; iPhone apps collecting detailed sensor readouts; Unmanned systems in army branch; fighting disinformation is tough.

TechLetters #161 - Death indirectly following ransomware; Drones and cyber during wars are changing military strategy; Factorisation of number 247 on a quantum computer

TechLetters Insight. Foreign information operations and interference. It's often best to ignore things.

TechLetters #160 Resurrection of dead dictators using generative AI, for political gain; AI cyber operations; Last warning about quantum cryptography; Privacy Sandbox coming to iOS/iPhones

TechLetters #159 Light sensor privacy leaks; Data leaks from LLM uses; Cybersecurity plans of a potential US 2025 White House

TechLetters #158 GDPR and AI/LLM; Manual Stuxnet delivery; Adversarial AI/ML; Misinformation top world risk?; China/Baidu exiting quantum computing development

OpenAI ChatGPT and GDPR

TechLetters #157 Data Protection of Privacy Sandbox PAA; Fake security reviews using ChatGPT; Satellite internet access cut in Ukraine during military operations; China criticises U.S. tech sanctions

TechLetters #156 Happy NY; Triangulation advanced cyber espionage tool; Watermarking generative AI creatives; Be careful about quantum computing; Loss of availability due to security systems